Working with Talia has been incredible. Her presence and knowledge is so comforting, and the space is beautiful. I immediately feel relaxed when I enter the office. I went to her looking for support with my menstrual cycle and balancing hormones, which greatly effect my mood. After the first month of an herbal protocol and acupuncture (and some cupping!)- my cycle is regulated, my mood is stabilized and feel vital again. I will definitely be working with Talia in an ongoing relationship. Thank you! -T.P.

After working with Talia and Raphi, I felt incredible. I sought them out after experiencing postpartum insomnia. The night after my initial session, I slept deeply for the first time in weeks. I was also blown away by how well-cared for I felt during my session. I rarely write reviews but was so impressed by the care I receive that I just had too! - J.S.

Highly recommend!! I threw out my back and was treated by Raphael and could not have been more pleased with the results. Felt relief immediately after the treatment and it lasted. He was very knowledgeable and specializes in pain and sports injuries. I live in Brooklyn but I was more than happy to go to beautiful Germantown for treatment. I will be back!- Z.M.

Raphael is awesome! I wasn't able to move my neck after pulling it the day before. He made time for me that morning and gave me tuina massage, acupressure, acupuncture and cupping in the same session. He is really proficient in several modalities and I felt much better. An amazing resource for our community!- E.K.

I rarely leave public reviews but the treatment my husband and I received from Talia and Raphael was beyond helpful in relieving our symptoms and starting us on a path of healing. Their deep knowledge, clear skill, and kind attention is indeed rare. Thank you both again, we cannot wait for a follow up treatment! - L.E.

I can't believe I am pain free! If you are suffering from severe pain, I can't recommend Raphael and his treatments enough. I am an avid runner and had been out of commission for almost 6 months due to re-occurring pain in my right leg and glute. I had tried everything from pain killers to deep tissue massages to chiropractic alignments; nothing would lessen the pain. Just when I had almost given up on being able to run again, a friend recommended Raphael. After just over a month of treatments I am pain free and running again. Still can't believe it. Your treatments have been transformative! THANK YOU SO MUCH, RAPHAEL! - S.B.

I was recently diagnosed with a form of RA - the pain was debilitating. I started receiving Tuina treatments with Raphael in July and noticed an immediate improvement. My pain is reduced, my range of motion has increased and overall feeling of well-being has improved. I receive treatment every other week and it is amazing the difference it makes. I am getting back to being active in the gym and day to day activities are no longer painful. Tuina with Raphael is amazing! - H.L.

Raphi's treatments have been very effective. I've had two shoulder surgeries and an additional tear, and because of his treatments I have not needed to resort to steroid injections and do not need pain medication of any kind. -K.C.

After having two full hip replacements a year apart, I was still having hip flexibility issues and experiencing pain, limiting my activities. After working with Raphael for a few sessions I had less tightness and more flexibility in my hips than I have had over the past 3 years!. I feel more balanced overall and I am now able to get back to my regular workout routines. Thanks Raphael! -M.P.