Our Specialties


Acupuncture Sports Medicine

Raphael Paul Fratkin, L.Ac, MSAc treats acute and chronic injuries by combining traditional East Asian medicine techniques with a modern understanding of anatomy and physiology. Techniques used to rehabilitate injured and inflamed tissue include: cupping, trigger & motor point needling (dry needling), electro-acupuncture, guasha, external topical herbal plasters and soaks and tuina medical massage.

These techniques help facilitate healing at the site of injury by increasing blood flow, decreasing inflammation, repairing tissue damage and enabling damaged tissue to regrow with strength and vitality. Acupuncture is also proven to help change the neural pathways of pain starting from the brain through the nervous system, enabling chronic and acute injuries to heal at the deepest level.

Raphael has a Performance Enhancement Treatment Series designed to help athletes perform week to week to avoid injury and improve performance. A combination of the techniques above with a proper assessment of fascial tension lines throughout the body, Raphael uses myofascial techniques, auriculo-therapy, and constitutional and nutritional support. Through the Performance Enhancement Treatment Series we can help strengthen or loosen tendons, ligaments and muscles, improve lung and heart function for oxygen enhancement to improve speed and endurance, and help build internal resources to give athletes the needed resources to perform at the highest level.

Raphael completed The Acupuncture Sports Medicine Apprenticeship Program with Whitfield Reaves OMD, L.Ac in Oakland, CA and received a certificate of completion in October 2017 on Advanced Training in the Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatment of Sports Injuries and Pain. Whitfield Reaves was among the first acupuncturists in North America to specialize in sports acupuncture using anatomically-based assessment with East Asian treatment protocols.

Sleep Disorders

Raphael also specializes in treating sleep disorders such as: insomnia, somnolence, sleep apnea, snoring, enureses, nocturia, excessive dreaming, night terrors and nightmares, PTSD, emotional and physical trauma, seasonal affective disorder, menopause hormonal imbalances, jet lag and more. Using mostly acupuncture and tuina medical massage, Raphael can help get your internal body-clock reset and back to a balanced state so that you can once again rejuvenate with consistant good nights of sleep.